Recommended materials available onsite.

The materials we have onsite are included in some of our holiday packages and they are available for hire if needed. Carefully selected for their quality, durability and performance, you can be sure we have everything you need for your fishing trip.

Super Cyfish Bivvy

A peaked and twin skinned version of the incredible Super Cyfish Bivvy with additional inner mesh capsule and built in groundsheet offers a sealed and comfortable sleeping area without condensation. Also included is a separate heavy duty ground sheet that helps to keep the inner capsule clean whilst being packed up. With rear ventilation, it allows you to regulate air flow and capsule door protection keeps the entrance neat and tidy. 

(available on site for hire) 


Rod Pod

Ultra-light aluminium 4 Play pod is quick and easy to put up and rock steady. It has mud feet for concrete or wooden fishing platforms that can be removed to reveal spikes for extra security on softer ground.

(available on site for hire) 


Bite Alarms

The Delkim Tx-i Plus is the best selling model in the Delkim range of electronic bite alarms. It continues to be the first choice for experienced anglers all over the world, where sensitivity, controllability, versatility and reliability are the main requirements. Used in conjunction with the Rx Plus Pro Mini Receiver it gives the user the most reliable and sophisticated cordless radio system that money can buy, with genuine range and long battery life expectations.

(available on site for hire) 


Anatec Bait Boats

Anatec have created a highly sophisticated remote controlled bait boat. The company are renowned worldwide for their quality products and customer service. They have sold more than ten thousand throughout Europe. These are extremely helpful in larger spaces of water.

(available on site for hire) 



We have large butane gas stoves available for use with kettles and for cooking. 

(available on site for hire) 


Bed Chair

Our bed chairs are top of the line, replaced often and exceptionally comfortable. 

(available on site for hire) 


Shimano Big Pit Reel

This is the definitive casting, carp catching piece of kit. An incredible reel for extreme range work and hauling leviathan carp from snag infested swims. The Long Cast has the capacity and the capability unlike any other reel in it’s category thanks to the tournament taper spool and Aero Wrap. It cranks like a demon with more power to your elbow than an old fashioned mangle, you're in charge each and every time in any carping situation.

(available on site for hire) 


Little Roaming Chair 

Extra seating always available, compact and comfortable.

(available on site for hire) 


S+ Chub Rods

The S-Plus Carp rod range offers exceptional performance. The slim and lightweight blank has plenty of power for long range casting and a forgiving tip to help you control hard fighting Carp at close quarters. This progressive action is perfectly suited to modern Carp angling and will help you to get the best out of PVA bags and method feeders. A sleek matt black finish, double leg SIC-lite guides, contoured line clip, and discreet cosmetics complete the stunning and minimalist appearance of the rod.

(available on site for hire) 


Electric Motor

A 12 volt Minn Kota electric motor with a T-Level of 40, 36-inch bar, 6-inch telescoping handle and tilt twist tiller for ergonomic speed and steering gives you maximum control. The lever lock brackets offer a rock solid mount and with its cool, quiet power, it doesn't scare fish. With this we supply a 110 AH marine battery fully charged and a solar panel to make your life easier. 

(available on site for hire) 


110 AH Battery 

We offer fully charged 110 AH batteries for your electric motor or other requirements.

(available on site for hire) 


Solar Panel

For renewable electricity we have for solar panels available for all your needs .

(available on site for hire) 


Solar Markers

Hard tube solar powered markers allow for easier visibility of your baited spots at night. Different sizes available. 

(available on site for hire) 






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