End Tackle

Here at Cavagnac Lake we stock a wide range of end tackle.

Proline for many years has been developing products to great levels for carp fishing. The materials we stock here are what we would recommend to carp anglers coming to fish Cavagnac. We have tried and tested a lot of the products we stock and have nothing but great results. If you are running low on tackle no worries, we stock most essentials at reasonable prices here at the lake.

Hooks Concept 3

With its light inwards turned eye, straight shank and straight point this hook will turn immediately in the right position, quickly penetrating the carp’s mouth. The hook turns even quicker when it is extended with a piece of  shrinktube. Due to its short shank a good hookhold is guaranteed.

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Hooks Concept 5

The pinnacle in our range. This model will not abandon you, no matter how tough the circumstances. With its short shank, round curve and straight point this hook offers you the optimal grip, without compromising to its hooking properties.

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Ring Swivels

Strong reliable swivels, provided with an additional ring for more flexibility. The dull matt black colour makes the swivel disappear under water. These Ringed Swivels are ideal for Stiff and Combi Rigs.

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Lead Clips

The Lead Clips from Pro Line are ideal for a reliable and fish-friendly lead assembly. The discreet dull color is a perfect match on any weed, gravel or clay lakebed. The extra-reinforced bracket allows long casts with a heavy lead. The Lead Clips are available in Camo Brown and Camo Green.

(Available on site)

Tails Rubbers

The Tail Rubbers from Pro Line are made of extra tough rubber, which ensures a long lifespan. They have a discreet matte color that perfectly matches any weed, gravel or clay lakebed. The Tail Rubbers are ideal for a reliable and fish-friendly lead assembly. The Tail Rubbers are available in Camo Brown and Camo Green.

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Rig Tube

The Camo Rig Tube by Pro Line is extra supple and heavier than water, making it follow the contours of the lakebed. The dull discreet color is perfect against any weed, gravel and clay lakebeds. The Camo Rig Tube is ideal for a reliable and fish-friendly lead assembly. The Camo Rig Tube is available in Camo Brown and Camo Green.

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Splicing Needle

This Splicing Needle is ideal for a splicing a loop or a swivel onto your leadcore or for threading the mainline trough the leadcore. Besides that it’s often used for smaller softer hookbaits.

(Available on site)

Heavy Nedle

The Stringer Needle is used to tread a number of boilies onto a PVA string. This needle is also used for attaching a "PVA-Stick" onto your rig. In short the Stringer Needle is a product that should not be missing in your Tackle Box.

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Hair Extenders Boilies Stops

These strong Boiliestops are ideal for extending the hair, so that you don't have to change your hooklink when you want to fish with another size Hookbait. Delivered on a handy rack are three different sizes of X-Tend Boiliestops, so you can cope with every situation.

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Presentation Foam

We also offer Presentation Foam in a large bags, since the small jars are empty to quickly!

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Extreme HQ Fishing Line

X-treme is a high quality nylon mainline and the response of Pro Line on the question whether a pure fluorocarbon mainline could still be improved. The X-treme line is extremely clear, so you barely see it running through the water. Unlike Fluor Carbon, which gets dirty very fast, the line stays much clearer over a long period. In addition, the line is also extremely supple, making it much less likely to kink (e.g., when dropping your rig while using a bait boat) and allowing you to cast much further.

These qualities are combined with an unmatched durability. Thus, this line is extremely abrasion resistant and incredibly strong, making it extremely reliable. The line doesn’t have that much stretch, allowing bites over a large distance being properly transmitted. Finally, this line has a very high specific gravity, making it sink fast to the bottom of the lake bed. Where, by its flexibility, it will follow the contours of the lake bed much better.

(Available on site)

Shrink Tube

High quality shrinktube that shrinks easily in boiling water or over steam. Perfect for making line aligners, protecting knots and loops. The translucent olive green colour blends in perfectly over weed and algae-covered stones. Shrink Tube is available in sizes 1.6 mm (up to a size 8 hook) and 2.4 mm (hooks over size 8).

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The very flexible and abrasion resistant Fast Sinking Hooklink comes in two different colors, Camo Brown and Camo Green and they will blend in on any lakebed. The material is extremely supple and sinks immediately, making it very difficult to detect by wary carp. In every situation you can rely on the quality of the FS Hooklink.

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Leads Square Pair Shape

3.0 OZ  ,  3.5 OZ  , 4.0 OZ. 

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Back Leads
Back Leads are typically used as an additional aid to staple store the main line This is highly recommended to avoid "string float", but it is always an advantage when you are out on the water (boats) .

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