The Lake

Welcome to the Cavagnac Lake, a stunning 52-acre natural lake nestled in an Aveyronnaise valley, in South West France.

Lac Cavagnac, offers people passionate about nature and fishing the perfect setting. It is located approximately 1km from Bournazel in a magnificent village surrounded by humid fields, lands and woods. With views of the castle (a jewel of the Renaissance) and surrounding landscapes it exudes history of the last century. Previously, the lake was used for breeding tench, perch, pike and silver fish. Every two years, it was completely emptied and the fish sold, except the carp which have always been put back into the lake. Over the years, we have added more and more stock and it is now home to around 1000 carp. 


The lake is 52 acres with a perimeter of around 3200m, its depth can reach 15 feet and is 490 meters above sea level. Made up with 3 large bays and with 3 springs (1 situated in the middle of the lake) it favours biodiversity and wintering spots. Cavagnac is now part of heritage protection because of its ecological and landscape history.

It is predominantly a silty lake with hard, shallow margins. We have markers carefully placed for fishing boundaries and continuous baiting in these areas have created hard spots.  



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